The Subtitling Academy

A great opportunity for people in and around Chennai who want to learn the art of subtitling: my excellent ex-student Nandini Karky is starting up subtitling courses Tamil - English. I have always thought she would be a wonderful teacher and no doubt she's going to prove this true.

-Bartho Kriek
 Founder of Subtitling Worldwide, a provider of international subtitling courses;
 Former teacher of subtitling at ITV-Hogeschool Utrecht, a college for interpreting and translating in Netherlands;
 Member of ESIST, European Association for Studies in Screen Translation.

A well thought out and planned curriculum, it covers all important aspects of subtitling:
  1. Understanding the scope and challenges of the profession in India, and also the ecosystem in which it is located 
  2. Learning approaches, skills and strategies of subtitling with rigorous practice on the appropriate IT platforms and technologies 
  3. Facilitating reflection of personal strengths and challenges both in terms of skill and the demands of the profession 
  4. Designed to produce professionals conversant with industry standards and best practices.
Designed to address specific learner needs as well as provide theoretical and practical inputs, and build familiarity with the industry.
Sounds like an exciting and empowering  opportunity to break into a new and upcoming field, and to equip oneself with all the perspectives and skills required.

-Rajni Divya Kumar 
Educational consultant; 
Co founder
Almuna and Former teacher of The School, KFI.

Our learning styles are as diverse as our cultures and attitudes towards learning. Effective teaching and learning always takes care to blend the practical aspects of a subject. In this context, I was very pleased to see that the curriculum for this course starts by addressing the "Why" behind it. Why do we do what we do? I loved the balance between the basics, the slots for interaction with experts in this field and the focus on real world application. The curriculum made me take an interest in this field because of the well thought out structure. But, most importantly, Nandini is very open to continuously tweaking the course to make it relevant and valuable to the students. With that as the foundation, it is going to be a brilliant experience for the team!

-Srini Swaminathan
Facilitator of educational projects in low income and rural communities;
Former Teach for India fellow;
Founding director of
Teach for India, Chennai.