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Course Title
‘Tamil to English Subtitling - Weekend Course’

This is a face-to-face introductory course, focusing on subtitling from Tamil to English, aiming to guide aspiring students towards a subtitling career in the Tamil film, TV and Web streaming industries.

Course Description

The ‘Tamil to English Subtitling - Weekend Course’ aims to introduce the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to function as quality subtitlers. This subtitling course will help you
- Know about the various facets of the world of subtitling
- Understand the professional teams you work with and their needs
- Develop the linguistic and technical skills of subtitling
- Reflect upon personal strengths, weakness and attitudes to cope with the challenges in the field
- Learn the basics of subtitling terminologies, standards in subtitling using a professional subtitling software called

Who should Apply?
Those wishing to explore a translation related career, satisfying the following requirements:
- Basic skills in reading and understanding Tamil
- Advanced skills in reading, writing and translating into English
- Basic typing skills and ability to learn and use a computer software
- Owns a Windows laptop
Course Duration : Two days (12 hours).
Course Location : Besant Nagar, Chennai.
Course Fee* : INR 12,500/-
Prerequisite : Tamil to English Translation skills
Course Date : Sep 22nd & 23rd
Batch Strength : 15 max
Includes renting Spot software and dongle for one month.

Admission Closed
Last date to submit application : Sep 20th

Course Outcomes
- Gaining a clear perspective about the world of subtitling
- Basic technical skills in using a professional subtitling software
- Understanding the linguistic angle of subtitling
- Know-how about the professional aspects of subtitling

How to Apply?
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